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ideas photoThe word “easy” is subjective. A lot of business ideas abound but what is considered easy or not is largely dependent on the unique and peculiar circumstances of the individual involved. For example, what one person may consider an easy business option may be considered difficult or impossible by another.

The point here is that a business venture would be easy to undertake if you are in a position where the requirements of such a venture are not difficult for you.

Maybe your family home is a small cottage and you want to upgrade, have kids you want schooled, looking to put better food on the table, some good furniture around the house and other such plans for the future. One thing is needful, you need a decent source of income.

This article won’t do justice to the subject matter in this format without realistic examples to buttress its point. Getting educated in a rural neighbourhood was not easy for me, like other students i was looking for a way to make ends meet because i was always in debt semester-in-semester-out. Unlike other entrepreneurs the odds were not easy on me. I was studying computer science then.

There were no manufacturing industries around but a small burnt bricks factory about ten minutes walk from my abode. No public media, news, radio or local tv stations either, it was rural and the small town like the many other towns close by was bereft of profitable ventures. One thing was sure however, rural or not, economic recession or not, i had to grind. Whether the opportunity i find was for men or women it didn’t matter… Money was the word and i was out for it.

I sat down and thought to myself, if i had to be independent, i needed to be innovative, i needed to have industry, a grand plan, i needed help and i needed it quick.

So i went online looking for a great guide to help me out of the quagmire i was in. Got myself some dummies e books. This was chiefly because i had heard stories of teenagers who were successful on the web and that all you needed was a website and you could have your own million dollar business up and going in a weekend. So i discovered the world of ecommerce and even though i got the green light to delve in, i quickly realised that the cost of putting up even a modest micro niche website was high and above my means (as of then). What then was i to do? Government grants for students was nothing to write home about, my solution would have to involve either an extremely low startup fee or free of cost.

While in contemplation a miracle happened, a friend bought me a laptop computer! and my possibilities skyrocketed… I spent the better half of my summer holiday planning for the upcoming session, so i gathered more e-books on things like affiliate marketing (where you put up a sales pitch or mail a group of subscribers, and when you make a sale you scale up rinse and repeat) and what have you. To cut the story short i got a security software that could remove malware from Peoples computers and with that i became popular, almost every office in the university was calling for a copy of the software since in those days there was a “computer virus epidemic”, i was now making about 10,000 a day! phew, living large and dolling out cash like never before…

Moral is i learnt a lesson. My situation may be different from yours, but the principle is the same.

You see, there are a number of interesting business concepts that may seem cool, lucrative, legitimate, simple and inexpensive to execute at the beginning but can cost you more than you intended in the end.

For this reason we are going to take a broad stab and discuss business venture opportunities as regards their requirements then you the reader will pick out as many as can be met by your available resources i.e. time, money, creative skills, commitment and unique environment, should you need or want to venture into any of them.

Please note that i could easily make the title of this article to be “top 10, 20, 30, 50 or 55 easy business ideas and tips” just to compel you to click on the title as others are doing but i have decided to take a different and better approach which is to give you exactly what you are looking for, solid advice, so here we go:

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– Easy business ideas based on time required:

Wisdom is essential for entrepreneurship and as an entrepreneur time is one of the most important resources you have so if you are on a tight schedule or would rather have a venture that is largely passive, then here are some business options to consider. In my opinion, these take the least time to bring decent returns and in many cases the money is “good”. Beware though that some of the suggestions listed might involve substantial overhead in either capital (financial) or skill while some are outright unethical (not necessarily illegal). We are going to be open minded here (We only include the unethical ones because they are considered as “business” by either governments or those who do them, we do not recommend or endorse them).

  1. Teaching or private coaching
  2. Photography or graphic design
  3. General freelancing
  4. Music (if you got the voice)
  5. Computer programming
  6. Marketing
  7. Writing mini books
  8. Taking gigs on fiverr
  9. Currency trading (forex)
  10. Performance art (acting, theatre e.t.c.)
  11. Gambling (not recommended)
  12. Drug dealing (not recommended)
  13. Whore business (NOT RECOMMENDED)

Those are some of the FASTEST ways to make money on earth ranging from within a few seconds to a month or two. The lesser the time required when starting out, the higher the tendency for the venture to be unethical.

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– Easy business ideas based on money required:

For beginners and experts alike, businesses that require the least budget and amount of start up capital (money) are the services based businesses. More often than not these would require you to get dirty, to fold your sleeves and get down to work. They do not usually require too much skill and you don’t need a PhD to do them. If you are not employed or working in a company, don’t have a college degree and you are faced with the need to start from scratch with a very small budget, this is where you belong. Costs here are relatively affordable.

There is also a group under this classification called the “middle men”. A middle man is just an affiliate, he meets a supplier or seller of services or goods and links them up with a buyer. These two groups of businesses i.e. services based and affiliates or middle men, are the least financially demanding to start or begin. Not that they don’t entirely need money per se but that those who do don’t demand much cash at all. So here we go:

  1. Baby sitting (didn’t think of that did you?)
  2. Gardening and landscaping services
  3. Cleaning services (cars, yards, pools, offices, window washing, toilets…, …yes toilets e.t.c.)
  4. Distribution/delivery services
  5. Writing articles or doing gigs on fiverr
  6. Cooking, culinary or kitchen services
  7. Repair services (construction, electronic, mechanical, glass, woodwork e.t.c.)
  8. Fashion services (cobbler, tailor, hair dressing e.t.c.)
  9. Sales rep services (store clerk, waiter/waitress, hotel, or club attendants e.t.c.)

So regardless of where you live whether it’s California, Florida or Texas in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia or India, if you are short on money and you are not able to start or run a big biz then those are some options to consider because relatively speaking the startup requirements are cheap.

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– Easy business ideas based on skill required :

The checklist of business ideas here are largely subjective, this is not unusual because when something is your passion you would never find it to be hard, difficult or boring no matter how other people complain about it. Hence, the easiest businesses by skill revolve around people’s hobbies, experience and passion. People who have an aptitude for any business venture will find it an easy business to do. Here are some business categories where skill, training and experience is the primary determinant of success.

  1. Sports (any particular sport or game that pays the bills)
  2. The arts (painting, photography, fashion, music e.t.c.)
  3. Any academic discipline or field of study that can be utilized in some way to make money.
  4. Spiritual or religious related service or ministry

The truth is that no list can do justice to “skill” as a criteria for choosing easy businesses and just about anything of commercial value that requires personal prowess to execute can fall under this category.

– Easy business ideas based on personal commitment required:

A business venture is easy on “personal commitment” if you are not required to be directly involved in its day to day running. It can proceed without any effort on your part besides the initial setup at the beginning. If you are short on time or skill but have the money to start, this is the class of business you would fit in. It’s totally hands free, and allows you to go on with your life while your money works and grows. You may have guessed it, we are talking here about financial investment and buying asset classes.

  1. Equity
  2. Real estate
  3. Bonds
  4. Commodities and so on…

You don’t have to know anything about the workings of what you are investing in (only if you choose to) because a team of fund managers will handle all that on your behalf, you only get to check periodic reports about the performance of your money (assets). So if you are looking for a business idea where you don’t have to be personally committed or involved in running it, financial investment is your best bet, the Forbes billionaires are in this group, the celebrities are in this group, all kinds of people who have some money but do not have the time or skill to commit to growing their wealth are here and to them this is the easiest way to do business. You don’t have to be rich to be in this group, with a few hundred dollars you can buy shares. This is where you make extra money on the side while you go on vacation. There abounds a myriad of mutual funds where you can always invest, just buy a stake and that’s it, go to sleep and wait for the profits to roll in.

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In conclusion, the choice of what is easy or not regarding business ideas is unique to the individual. In many countries today, registering entrepreneurial startups is not very hard to do but because a self managed business service setting will require a unique set of marketing strategies to achieve its desired goals, you will need to plan ahead.

Don’t procrastinate, the gateway to success is that initial courage you take to step out and i agree that it may not always be fun, a lot of the time you will have no proof that what you are about to do will succeed and you may only have a template or a little sample at best to begin with.

If you are new and are not experienced or are incapable of owning the newest and latest “tourism worthy venture” on your own you can seek partnerships with friends or family members who understand, even though your particular business idea might seem crazy, don’t let that bother you. You don’t have to be the original owner of a business idea in order to profit from it, you can get a franchise license and operate. Franchises are known to be profitable to both the owner and the licensee.

So then what would be my final personal suggestion to you, if i am to suggest what i personally believe (including millions of others) to be the best business idea for startups, it would be… Internet marketing. The time freedom, the financial freedom/reward, and the location freedom it affords you is unmatched, with as little as $100 those who know what they are doing can start a business empire that is completely passive (time freedom) and can outsource all the hard work (skill) if they so wish. So there you have it, easy business ideas distilled.




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